UAE International Day of Persons with Disability

How people in the society label individuals with special needs can also have an impact on how young people with disabilities view themselves. Responding to labels can test self-identity and self-value. Caregivers can play a key role in shaping the self-perceptions of young people.

People of determination who consider themselves successful generally accept their special needs as one aspect of who they are. They do not define themselves by their condition. They recognise that they are not responsible for their disabilities, and they know that they are not inherently impaired. They do not blame others for their situation, nor do they have a sense of entitlement. Instead, they take responsibility for their own happiness and future.

The government of the UAE strongly support people of determination, by providing special education and learning services. They established the unification of people with special needs into various cultural, sports and social activities through various competitions and awareness programmes.

How Twinkle Home Health Care Supports People of Determination:

1. We provide support to supervise your child with special needs with skills required for daily living (e.g. feeding, bathing, toilet and sleep training). We focus on how to develop personal hygiene habits and provide required support to ensure they practice regularly. This is achieved with individual care planning.

2. We encourage children to pursue their passions and develop their talents. We provide activities and events where your child can participate, socialise and grow in confidence.

3. We can provide learning support assistance if they need someone to support them when entering the school system. Our skilled Caregivers and nurses will work alongside their primary education institute to ensure they reach their full potential.

4. We provide skilled respite/child care to enable parents to be able to work or if they simply need a night out!

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